School Overview

Waldringfield Primary School is a small and friendly school with a nurturing environment, providing extraordinary opportunities and maximising learning for all pupils with the advantage of expansive grounds for outdoor learning.

Waldringfield Primary School is a happy, friendly and nurturing school. We are a small primary school and we see the size of our school as a real advantage to provide extraordinary opportunities and to maximise learning for all of our pupils. We enjoy taking our learning outside and have lovely, expansive grounds in which to do this.

As you browse our website, we hope to give you an insight into the life of our school, our values and our ethos.

What We Offer

Our school offers you all that you would expect from small, welcoming setting. We are proud of the ‘family feel’ that we have created at Waldringfield and believe that it is the perfect environment in which children can flourish. Our motto of “nurturing the roots of our future successes” illustrates the importance we place on nurturing your child and creating a nurturing, stimulating and exciting environment. We support pupils to learn together and to achieve their potential so that they can use education to enable choices when moving to the next phase of their education.

We want your child’s time at Waldringfield to be a special time where they are supported through a curriculum and an environment that makes learning fun.

We are proud to be partnered with Hollesley Primary School. Both schools are the same size, with the same number of classes. The partnership provides wider opportunities for children and staff, but still ensures both schools maintain their nurturing, family feel.

Links with parents and families are very strong. Children and staff know each other well. Our children feel secure and gain the skills, qualifications and confidence that they need to enjoy their lives outside and beyond our school.

There is, of course, nothing better than seeing our school first-hand, and so we invite you to come and meet with us and see for yourself why our school is an excellent choice for your children.