School Council

All children at Waldringfield School have a chance to share their feelings with the school council formally, on a weekly basis. This is because we feel that everyone has a say in how to improve our school.

We have school council assemblies every week. Children in Years 5 and 6 will facilitate the meetings, respond to requests or suggestions and take points from the floor.

We keep a record of our assemblies which can be seen in the book in the Badgers and Owls Corridor.

We also elect a school council with representatives from each class.

Each member of the elected School Council are given a special role (such as liasing with the Eco Team, Sports representative, ‘Headteacher aide’)

Our school council team meet every term and report back to the council about tasks they have undertaken.

The children elect 2 representatives per year via a vote. Children write manifestos explaining why they wanted to run for school council and are voted in using ballot papers by their peers.  We have a secretary who types the minutes and a chair. We use our school council meetings to discuss important topics and to respond to queries and suggestions given in assembly.