Links for Learning

Click on links below to take you to web sites such as Mathletics, Code For Life and Scratch. Remember that you should ask permission from a grown-up before you go on the internet and to tell them if you see anything that upsets you or that you are not sure about.

Scratch Coding

Scratch is the world’s largest coding community for children and a coding language with a simple visual interface that allows young people to create digital stories, games, and animations.

Mathletics Learning

Mathletics provides the perfect level of support and challenge to make sure each student achieves their best. In less than an hour per week, children quickly become motivated, confident and successful  learners with improved test results. Goodbye maths anxiety!

Code for Life

Code for Life is an educational initiative that provides free, open-source resources for teachers and students to learn computer science and coding skills.

David Walliams Activities

If you’re looking for some exciting activities to keep boredom at bay, then head on over to David Walliams’ website. Find a treasure trove of fantastic activities, all inspired by David Walliams’ tremendous tales.