Physical Education (PE)

Intent – What do we want children to learn?

All children should feel inspired, and we want them to reach their full potential. We want our students to have a positive and inspiring PE experience during their time in school. Students will develop their physical confidence, fitness, well-being, and mental health, laying the foundations for lifelong physical activity.

We want them to be successful and excel in athletic competitions and therefore aim to provide opportunities for all students to compete in sports and other endeavours allowing them to develop the values of fairness and respect.

Implementation – How are we going to achieve our intent?

Every child participates in two hours of physical education each week with either class teachers or specialised coaches. We are blessed with large grassed areas and have invested in an artificial surface, increasing the physical activity of all in school. At Hollesley and Waldringfield, equipment is provided at break-times to enable students to have fun and be active. We design their sessions to cover a wide range of abilities and pursuits. Upper Key Stage 2 students have swimming instruction at a nearby pool under the guidance of a qualified local authority coach. They gain the skills and confidence necessary to swim 25 metres in a variety of strokes as well as the opportunity to achieve self-rescue qualifications. There are also regular clubs at lunchtimes and after school in both schools which are adjusted for all students.

Impact – What will it look like when we have achieved our intent?

We encourage our students to participate in a range of sports by providing them with high-quality instruction that is interesting and enjoyable. We want all students to leave with an understanding of how to be accountable for their own fitness and health, and we are beginning to see this translate into an increasing number of them going on to participate in competitive sports outside school.